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Unfolding Myofascial Release

Inexplainable tightness or pain could be caused by restrictions in our fascial tissue. Wrapping every cell, our fascia, or connective tissue, forms one continuous web from head to toe throughout the entire body, surrounding all structures, not just the muscles. Ideally, the fascia has a fluidity to it, but injuries, surgeries, inflammation and/or poor posture can cause it to become dehydrated and shortened, or “restricted”.

Women’s Health

“Myofascial Release Eases the Pain of Women’s Health Problems”
    John F. Barnes, Tuesday May 28th, 2002
“One in four women ages 30 to 59 have experienced urinary incontinence…some women undergo pelvic or abdominal surgery to help resolve incontinence, menstrual, or pelvic pain problems often associated with pelvic floor muscle weakness following multiple child births. This solution, however, often puts these same women at risk for developing other pelvic pain problems…”
To read the entire article on John Barnes Myofascial Release Website:

Authentic Healing

Jeff Suckow

Too often, healthcare consumers demand instant pain relief, inorder to avoid interruption of a busy, fast-paced life style — hoping that if the pain is not felt any more, the problem is gone.

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